About Ceramic


Ceramic sinks are manufactured from fireclay in the traditional way. Each one is formed in a mould then finished by hand before the glaze is applied. The sink is then fired at high temperature in a kiln.

For this reason, no two ceramic sinks are ever identical. Your sink is formed of natural material and, rather like a diamond, it may have a small ‘inclusion’ in the surface. This fact makes each sink unique.

Ceramic has a lustrous, non-porous surface that is extremely resistant to heat and chemicals. Be careful however as it can be chipped if sharp objects are dropped onto it.

Cleaning and maintenance

To maintain your sinks' pristine good looks, clean regularly with normal detergent and warm water. Always make a habit of drying your sink afterwards with a soft cloth to avoid build up of limescale and other similar mineral deposits which detract from the appearance.

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