About Granite

Granite is a beautifully tactile material which allows you to make a real statement in your kitchen. The versatility of granite allows Carron Phoenix to create a range of designs which combine form and function perfectly.

Our granite sinks come in a choice of classic and contemporary neutrals that offer superb design scope for combining with a wide range of worksurface materials. Some of our colours contain metallic particles for a beautifully subtle, but rich appearance.


No other kitchen sink material offers the durability and hard wearing properties of Carron Phoenix Granite. We use real granite particles, fourth hardest natural material known to man, as the main component of every sink.

                     Easy to Clean                                                                       You can't Scorch
              Carron Granite sinks are now 30%                                                  Even at 280°c, the surface will not burn
            smoother; even easier to keep clean


                       You can't Scratch                                                                          You can't Stain

           Knives and forks won't score the surface                                           Carron Granite doesn't stain, mark or fade




Kitchens can be a critical location for the spreading of bacteria and on unprotected materials, bacteria can multiply every twenty minutes and have a negative effect on hygiene.

The integrated Sanitized hygiene function in each Carron Phoenix Granite sink helps to keep your sink area clean and provides your sink with lasting protection.

Sanitized silver ions are embedded into our Granite particles offering you long term protection. Silver is an active ingredient that prevents microbes and bacteria from multiplying and test have proven that Carron Phoenix Granite treated with Sanitized, reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%.


How Does it Work? 

The silver ions embedded within Carron Phoenix Granite particles destabilise any bacteria cell membranes, impeding their respiration and food intake as well as inhibiting cell division. The silver ions locate bacteria via moisture on the surface of the sink and then deactivate them, reducing their growth and multiplication by 99%.

Sanitized helps to keep the surface of the sink protected from bacteria and microbe growth after and in between cleaning, and helps to reduce the risk of transferring bacteria and other microbes from the sink surface to food or other objects.


Cleaning and maintenance

Granite is exceptionally durable, hardwearing and hygienic. It is resistant to impact, scratches, stains, most household chemicals, colour fading and high temperatures up to 280ºc. Granite has a much higher resistance to scratching than any other composite sink material on the market. It is very easy to clean with normal detergents and water.

Cleaning Instructions