About Stainless




Carron Phoenix manufactures sinks using only premium grade stainless steel to ensure lasting quality and performance. Stainless steel is highly durable, extremely hygienic and is resistant to many chemicals but it’s number one enemy is bleach. See Cleaning & Maintenance, below.

Cleaning and maintenance

Rather like the bodywork of your car, stainless steel can scratch easily. Care must be taken therefore when cleaning or indeed during every day use. Never use a wire wool pad such as Brillo® to clean your sink for two reasons; it will create tiny scratches and it will also shed small pieces of mild steel that later rust and give the appearance that your sink is rusting (this is not the case but it can be very difficult to remove the small steel particles that have adhered to the surface).

Instead clean regularly with normal detergent and warm water. Always make a habit of drying your sink afterwards and buffing with a soft cloth. Long-term this will help develop a lovely rich patina and it will also ensure that no build up of limescale or other mineral deposits can occur. If scouring is required, always use a Scotchbrite® pad and try to scour in the same direction as the natural grain on the sink’s surface.

Never use neat bleach on the stainless steel sink. If bleach dries out it will ‘eat’ through the stainless protective layer and lead to pitting of the steel.

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Tools for the Trade

Recently there has been a major growth in the use of solid surface materials for worktops - granite, marble, Corian® etc. This is particularly true for undermount sinks. This usually means a specialist company needs to cut your worktop. To do that your supplier may find the cut out drawings on our Sinks pages useful.