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There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your kitchen sink; functionality is just as important as design, and here is a short guide to the initial decisions you will need to make before choosing the right model for you and your kitchen.

Your handy checklist to choosing your perfect Carron Phoenix products:

Choose your sink

  • Measure your kitchen cabinet width
  • Choose the preferred material for your sink
  • Choose the bowl configuration and sink profile

Add Accessories

  • Add complementary accessories to your chosen model

Choose your tap

  • Choose from our extensive range of taps including filtered water or instant hot water taps
  • Check with your retailer / installer that the water pressure available in your kitchen will work with your chosen tap

Waste management solutions for your kitchen

  • Explore our waste disposal units
  • Make life easier with a sorter bin system


Inset sinks are mounted from above, and the edge of the sink sits on top of the worktop. This is the most standard type of installation and can be used with all worktop types, including laminate worktops. Inset sinks generally have a drainer board and are available in a wide range of styles and materials to suit your preference.


When your worktop is made from a solid-surface material, such as granite, solid wood or engineered stone, you have the option of choosing an undermounted sink. This style is installed from beneath the worksurface and allows for a clean minimalist look to the kitchen. Drainer grooves are often cut into the worksurface to complete the elegant look.


Belfast sinks are often selected to give a more traditional, farmhouse feel to your kitchen. This style of sink is manufactured from fine-fireclay and is usually installed by sitting it on top of a custom-made cabinet.

Sink configuration and cabinet size

Whether you prefer the larger capacity of a single bowl or the versatility offered by a one and a half bowl sink, there are options to suit. The following symbols are used throughout this website as a guide.

Left hand drainer:
The drainer is to the left of the main bowl

Right hand drainer:
The drainer is to the right of the main bowl

Reversible drainer:
The sink has tapholes front and back to allow the sink to be fitted with the drainer to the left or the right

Left hand 1/2 bowl:
For sinks without a drainer but multiple bowls. Indicates the small bowl is to the left of the main bowl.

Right hand 1/2 bowl:
For sinks without a drainer but multiple bowls. Indicates the small bowl is to the right of the main bowl.

It is essential to check the cabinet size of your kitchen to ensure that the sink will fit. Throughout the website, ‘Min Cabinet’ indicates the minimum cabinet size (measured left-to-right) required to allow the sink to fit.


Granite is a beautifully tactile material which allows you to make a real statement in your kitchen. The versatility of granite allows Carron Phoenix to create a range of designs which combine form and function perfectly.

No other kitchen sink material offers the durability and hard wearing properties of Carron Phoenix Granite. We use real granite particles, the fourth hardest natural material known to man, as the main component of every sink.

Scratch resistant, temperature resistant to 280°C and easy to clean, Carron Phoenix Granite sinks will retain their great looks for a lifetime.

You can’t scratch it
Knives and forks won’t mark or score the surface

You can’t scorch it
Even at 280°C the surface will not burn

You can’t stain it
Carron Granite sinks are highly resistant to staining, marking and fading

Easy to clean
Carron Granite sinks are now 30% smoother than before and even easier to keep clean

Silver ions embedded in the Granite prevent 99% of bacteria multiplying on it’s surface

When you are looking for a beautiful and hard working sink, granite is the ultimate choice.

Our granite sinks come in a choice of classic and contemporary neutrals that offer superb design scope for combining with a wide range of work surface materials. Some of our colours contain metallic particles for a beautifully subtle, but rich appearance.

Polar White
Stone Grey
Jet Black

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is the professional’s favourite. You can wash and buff it and over time it will develop a beautiful patina. Even with years of rigorous use, stainless steel maintains the good looks that have made this material such a popular choice.

All of our sinks are made from high quality austenitic stainless steel, ensuring their lasting quality and performance.

Practical, stylish and always of the highest quality, it’s easy to find the right design for your kitchen within our extensive range of stainless steel sinks.



Ceramic is a respected classic. With its lustrous glossy glaze, a ceramic sink combines beauty with distinction.

Ceramic is a hard, non-pourous surface that is easy to clean and extremely resistant to heat and chemicals.

Our ceramic sinks are traditionally manufactured from fine fire-clay that is fired at high temperatures and then individually finished by hand. This ensures their fine quality with a true depth of colour and an impeccable, smooth surface.



A high degree of design flexibility coupled with exceptional heat, shock and impact resistance make Carron Phoenix Synthetic sinks a the choice for stylish, hardworking kitchens.

Arctic White

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