Linea 332

Linea 332

FUN Code: 134.0074.068

Carron Phoenix waste sorter bins can be fitted easily into a kitchen cabinet and will help you to effectively segregate your waste prior to collection. We have a range of configurations to choose from, depending on your Local Authority requirements, all featuring removable bin inserts and covers to help contain odours.

A triple bin configuration totalling 32 litres, the Linea 332 is designed to fit beneath a sink. It has a manual pull out operation and is easily installed.

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Technical Information

Bin Dimensions

  • Bin Height340mm
  • Bin Width438mm
  • Bin Depth330mm

Bin Details

  • Number of Bins3
  • Capacity1 x 16 Litres, 2 x 8 Litres
  • Min Cabinet Size500mm
  • Bin OperationManual
  • Warranty2 years

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